The continent of Bersia is ruled by two ancient entities, the first of which is Nible, also known as the lord of Light. Nible is responsible for a vast majority of all the creatures who currently inhabit Bersia. The second lord is Encablossa, the lord of Darkness.

Aeons ago they made an ancient pact with each other: each would get to rule the world for a set period of time, and when that time is up they would go to sleep and reside inside their respective Dimension while the other gets to rule the world. However, Nible grew upset. He spent aeons forging and creating living things, only to see them consumed, twisted, and destroyed at the hands of Encablossa whenever he would have to relinquish control. As a result Nible broke his ancient pact and refuses to let Encablossa back in charge.

All living things live here in the age of light, which was created by Nible. Once Encablossa takes control he will destroy all of Nible’s creations, something of which Nible plans to never let happen again. Encablossa grew enraged by this, and used the Dark Legion in order to wreck havoc on Nible's world. Now Encablossa seeks to obtain what is rightfully his. To make matters worse, the universe requires a balance between the ages of light and darkness, and if this balance is disrupted the entire universe can tear itself apart.