Azilla was a Nation Founded by the Leader of the Xok Knights: Keither. Azilla was a prospering nation, even when Hironeiden and Ecclesia were still reeling from the aftermath of the First war of Heroes. However, all of that changed when King Curian disappeared after entering Encablossa, and Azilla was thrown into turmoil as to who the next king was to be.

By this time, Ecclesia had recovered from the First war of heroes, and it was due to this newfound chaos that Ecclesia decided to take over the Azillian government, and add to its own land, and army. The Azillians fought under an Ecclesian banner throughout the Second War of Heroes. One of the most notable Azillians it a descendant of Keither, Kendal, who during his time in the Second War of Heroes became General of the Patriarchal army.

After The Encablossan War, Azilla's government was once again thrown into turmoil with the death of the Ecclesian Patriarch. Hironeiden then took over most of the Ecclesian territory, and transferred the Capital of Hironeiden to the city of Ecclesia, which had been razed at the apex of the Encablossan war.

Azilla is currently ruled by the Hironeiden government, and according to the Kingdom Under Fire II map, the Ecclesian territory is much smaller than it used to be.