Overview Edit


Cellin is an elf and a member of the Xok Knight's from the First War of Heroes, she is first introduced in the Dark Campaign with her being charged to protect the Ancient Heart, she fails in her duty and is killed by Rick Blood.

  • Main Weapon: Longbow
  • Main Skill: Ranged

Background Edit

During the 'First War of Heroes' Cellin was appointed as an envoy along with her companion Karl to protect the ancient heart and bring it to the Human Kingdom of Hironeiden. Her purpose for this was to convince this human kingdom to join in the efforts to put an end to Keeliani's ambition: to usher a new age of Dark. Their attempts to convince this kingdom looked bleak for the elves until reports came through that orcs and ogres were invading Hironeiden's borders. Hironeiden had no choice but to retaliate and declare war on the Dark Legion.

She was one of the members of the Xok Knight's and helped bring down Keeliani in the final confrontation at the Altar of Destruction.

KUF: A War of Heroes Edit

During the 'Second War of Heroes' Cellin had been appointed to protect the Ancient Heart which was housed in Ehlonna Temple within the Essex Woods. The Essex Woods themselves were protected by an arcane fog which had been dispelled by Amaruak once Rick Blood acquired the Amulet of Hamhike. Unbeknowest to her, Rick Blood approaches Ehlonna Temple and greets her by name and getting straight to the point he demands the Ancient Heart,. After a few moments of examining this hulking corpse she realizes it was Rick Miner from 100 years ago. She asks what Rick plans to do with it when she refuses to simply give it to him, Rick proclaims that he will finish what was started 100 years ago. Rick now getting impatient with her gives her an Ultimatum: give him the Ancient die or die. She refuses once more and they engage in combat, she is over matched and even with the aid of her guardians she is slain.

Human Campaign Point of View Edit

  • She is not a playable hero during the 'Second War of Heroes'
  • It is reported that she had been slain and had the Ancient Heart stolen.

Dark Campaign Point of View Edit

  • She appears as the last line of defense for the Ancient Heart against Rick Blood and Lily.

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