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Elcam is a character from Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. He is the leader of an ally computer-controlled archer unit under Dyesa's command. He falls in love with Cirith the moment he first lays eyes on her.

Personality Edit

Elcam is a romantic man who longs to be loved by Cirith and would do anything for her, even though she finds him repulsive. He is very bold in how he comes across in his feelings for Cirith. He is constantly pushing himself onto her by reciting his poetry on and off the battlefield. He dislikes Dyesa, who is infatuated with him. He sees her as a vulture.

The Encablossa War (KUF: Heroes) Edit

After assisting Cirith rescue Nachmir at El Nido, his, Cirith's, and Nachmir's eyes are eventually diverted to the sky only to see a dark silhouette of a massive creature blocking out the sun. Due to her knowledge of the world, Cirith knows their end is at hand. Cirith reveals to him and Nachmir the story of Encablossa and how it will destroy the world as they know it. Cirith accepts their fate, and agrees to hear Elcam's last love poem to her, bringing her to tears.

They are never heard from again. Chances are they were either consumed by Encablossa or killed by it’s minions.

Quotes Edit

Mission Dialogue:

-"Such beauty. Breathtaking, for a moment I thought my eyes were deceiving me."

-"Please tell me your name. I will cherish it; it will bring me endless joy!"

-"'Cirith.' An exquisite name for an exquisite girl."

-"A moth will dive into flame for love! I fear no fire, no destruction! My arrows are loosed on strings of love and fury!"

-"Lady Cirith! Your beauty guides me like a star, even in the haze of battle!"

-"Smelly primates! Dare raise a finger against my black pearl, and you will taste true love's justice!"

Map/Pub/Operations Dialogue:

-"Cirith! My blinding, shining beauty!"

-"But what's this? I don't hear the voice of a certain someone. A voice like that of a vulture preying on the rotten meat of the battlefield dead."

-"...And besides, mere opal would lose its brilliance before the deep, deep beauty of Lady Cirith..."

-"Even shining jewels like Hotentia don't measure up to your dark beauty! A shining darkness, a paradox too beautiful for words."

-"Oh, how your voice, raised in passionate anger, makes my heart race."

-"My beautiful Dark Elf, where would you wish to go without your loyal Elcam? Tis not safe to travel alone through this world of beasts and betrayals! So if you must go alone, I'll simply go with you..."

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