Esse, Hironeidens second city.

Esse was the second city of the Kingdom of Hironeiden and the home town of Gerald Rupert and Walden, three Officers of the Hironeiden Army. It has been placed under the command of General Hugh and most of Hironeidens Army were stationed there before the Crusades.

Esse is built upon a hill for better protection and has a large curtain wall and an inner wall as defences. It has a large keep on the summit of the hill and many other buildings in between.

Soon after Hironeiden is pushed back from the Glaucus River by Regniers forces Esse is besieged by the Dark Legion under Commander Rumen. At this time King Saul was in Esse and was only able to escape because Captain Walden and his battalion defended the inner walls from the Dark Elf general Lucretia.Esse was then looted and all remaining soldiers and townsfolk who had not escaped were slaughtered.

A few months later, after the unsuccessful siege of Hironeiden, the Dark Legion fell back to Esse to regroup. Upon the impending attack of Hironeidens newly reformed Army the Dark Legion abandoned the city and returned to Arein, allowing the Humans to reclaim it.

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