Initial Hironeiden and Elf forces Edit

Hironeiden Commanders- General Hugh, Captain Gerald, Lieutenant Rupert, Captain Winters

Elf Commanders- King of Arein, Elf Captains

Hironeiden Forces- Roughly 10,000 infantry 100 Cavalry 100-1,000 Archers

Elf Forces- 5,000 Elf sentinels/rangers 1,000 Elf archers

Ecclesian Reinforcements Edit

Ecclesian Commanders- Sir Justino, Captain Ellen, Lieutenant Paroth, Sir Ebbard

10,000 Knights and infantry, 500 Archers, 200 Cavalry, Squadron of Catapults

Dark Legion Forces Edit

Commanders- King Waldermar, Prince Leinhart, Lady Morene Strident

8,000 Orcs, 4,500 Dark elf infantry, knights, and archers, 600 Cavalry, Scorpions, Wyverns

Order of Battle Edit

     Hironeiden sends troops to protect the province of Arein. Weeks later, Ecclesia sends reinforcements to support. Ecclesia wants to annex Arein for its own. Ecclesia is turned down but stays for support. 
     The next day, Captain Gerald's and Captain Winter's battalions are under siege by Orcs and Scorpions. They are also supported by Elvish infantry. Sir Justino commands his troops to assist the Hironeidenians and Elves.

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