Hironeiden City, capital of Hironeiden.

Hironeiden City is the capital city of Hironeiden and also is the largest city. It is situated on the West of Bersia and North of Azilla. It is where the Hironeiden King lives and where the second largest amount of soldiers is garrisoned. 150 years after the Encablossa War, Hironeiden still exists however Hironeiden City is not the capital. The capital had been moved to the former City of Ecclesia after it had been destroyed by Encablossa. (Which does not make sense considering that on the KUF:II map, the former site of Ecclesia City is firmly inside Encablossa territory.)

The city lies on top of a high cliff situated next to a large lake, and there is a resevoir running from the Keep (commonly known as The Hill), down to the cliffs edge which creates a waterfall. Similar to another Hironeidenian city, Esse, Hironeiden has 2 large curtain walls around its town for protection.

During the Crusades War, Hironeiden is almost taken over by the Dark Legion but is saved just in time by Hironeidens new Allies from the North, the Dwarves and Elves, causing a mass route of the Dark Legions forces, all the way back to Esse. If the Dark Legion had been successfull and the rest of Hironeidens Army had been destroyed, the King killed and a reduced population, Jungsburg would have been the last standing Hironeiden City.

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