Humans live on the Western half of Bersia and generally work together to defeat their enemies. As a result, the Human race has been able to field some of the best armies, and create some of the best commanders in all of Bersia. Every other race is divided. The Dark Elves had no order before the Vampires took over, and the Orcs were always squabling until Urukubarr and Darokha united against Vellond.

When combined, the different human nations control half of Bersia. The other half is owned by Dark-Elves, Vampires, Orcs, and Ogres. The three main factions of humans before the Encablossan War include Hironeiden, Ecclesia, and Azilla. However, Azilla participated in the war under Ecclesian banners as it was a tributary of Ecclesia.

During Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, Ecclesia was a separate faction to that of Hironiden, but after the Encablossan war, the Ecclesian government collapsed with the death of their Patriarch, and Ecclesia was absorbed by Hironeiden. Hironeiden now controls all of Bersia, and Azilla as well due to its Ecclesian tributary status.

According to the Kingdom Under Fire II map, Ecclesia continues to be a faction, however it is much smaller, and Hironeiden is now much larger.

According to Leinhart, Humans do live in Vellond however they are "lifeless." Which would suggest that they are slaves, pets or toys used by Vampires, Half-Vampires, and Dark Elves alike.

Nicknames by VampiresEdit

  • Monkeys
  • Apes