Overview Edit

Vital statistics
Title Commander
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Mercenaries (Human Alliance)
Health Depends on level
Level Levels with character
Status unknown
Location Bersia

Jager is a human who serves as a commanding officer of a lesser known mercenary army, known as the Bersia Mercenaries, around 150 years after the Encablossan War. In Kingdom Under Fire II, Jager acts as the player's superior officer until their promotion, and instructs them in the ways of commanding troops. After learning of the return of Encablossa from a mysterious elf mage and encountering Encablossans himself, Jager dedicates his Bersia Mercenaries to assisting the Human Alliance wherever they may need it.

  • Main Weapon: Bastard Sword
  • Main Skill: Mêlée

Personality Edit

Despite being a commanding officer, Jager displays an incredibly informal attitude and admits to being frequently hung-over while on duty due to long nights of drinking and skirt chasing during his off-hours. Jager regards the player as a friend and skilled commander. He also has a slight inferiority complex towards mercenary groups more famous than his own, such as Samson's Red Mane Mercenaries.

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