Jungsburg, northern city of Hironeiden

Jungsburg was the most northernly city of Hironeiden and possibly the most religious of all Hironeidens cities, possible due to it's close proximity to Ecclesia. However the city is used by Ecclessians from time to time and, after Encablossa appeared even the Dark Legion used the city.

The city is lain on top of a huge mountain on the northern border of Hironeiden, and it's most notable feature is the huge carved face and wings of a sombre looking angel, which possibly is meant to be a depiction of God. Not many troops were raised here due to its religious significance, however many troops were raised here after Hironeiden bounced back from near destruction.

It is unknown why troops were not sent from Jungsburg to help defend Hironeiden City when it was under siege by the Dark Legion. It may be due to the cities religious importance

Another pointer to it's possible riligious significance is at the beginning of Geralds campaign in KUF:The Crusaders, where Geralds unit is heading to Jungsburg to attend mass.

It may also be a place of pilgramige for people from Ecclesia.

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