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Kingdom Under Fire II is an upcoming real-time strategy video game developed by Blueside for the PS3 and PC.It is currently set to be released late 2013, and is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire:The Crusaders. It was announced on January 28, 2008.

Details are scarce but the game will feature both a single player campaign as well as an Massively multiplayer online game mode. The developers claim it will be the first of its kind, allowing players to wage war against each other on a huge scale.

Storyline Edit

Set approximately 150 years (as you can play Glen the son of Gerald and Ellen) after the events depicted in Kingdom Under Fire:The Crusaders, the game will feature the return of The Human Alliance and Dark Legion plus a new faction - the Encablossians - whose aim is to reassert the cycle of light and dark ages by destorying the current Age of Light, which has already run far beyond its natural course. This faction is led by Regnier (from previous Kingdom Under Fire titles) who allied himself with Encablossa during the time he was stranded in the Dark Dimension (as depicted in Kingdom Under Fire:Circle of Doom). Whilst other heroes from previous titles may return, Including Kendal who in the Dark Dimension underwent a mutation, but is able to control himself still. He is now out to stop Regnier being the only person powerful enough to stop him due to his mutation strength. The game will also feature a brand new cast of playable characters.


Key Features:

  • Multiplayer Online Game where thousands of gamers can join in Massively Multiplayer Online World and engage in the epic scale war as you declare war against other online players and unite under the banner of your guild. Conquer your foes and emerge victorious as the ultimate conqueror of the continent.
  • The Perfection of Action and Real-Time Strategy game system with highly intense and stylish action at intuitive control while succeeding all the great merits of previous franchise.
  • A True Action RTS inheritor of the world acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series, which continues a saga of Bersian heroes on Kingdom Under Fire universe and write your own epic poetry of war thru several types of game modes.
  • Unprecedentedly Blockbuster Scale with thousands of units being overwhelmingly co-displayed at any one screen to deliver the most intense and realistic mediaeval battle onto your nose.Startlingly Detailed Graphic on every elements of game that truly sets a new benchmark in todays gaming with massiveness and realism.
  • Taking leverage on the FameTech 2 technology, an advanced engine developed in-house, thousands of realistic and detailed units will engage in ferocious battle. Story Campaign mode for your download to enjoy deep and rich storyline that opens new chapters of eternal conflict between races after 150 years passed since the 2nd War of Heroes.


The Gameplay of Kingdom Under Fire II will be like that of the Kingdom Under Fire's on Xbox. You chose a hero and then lead their troops to combat, when the hero engages the enemy you take direct control of the hero and you get to fight yourself. However you will need many troops such as Archers and infantry to help your hero in battle, for different type of missions you will need different units, for some you will even need a siege unit to demolish a castle wall and in Kingdom Under Fire II is is comfirmed that there will be lots of castles which mean that in Kingdom Under Fire II a siege unit will probably be a good unit in your army where as in the other Kingdom Under Fire's on xbox an Archer was all you really needed along with infantry troops.


  • Kendal: Comfirmed by blueside to have a more important storyline than ever before. Kendal is an Ecclesian and has strong faith in the tenets of his faith. He uses a hammer and mace and will no doubt use them in Kingdom Under Fire II. Now with a mutation, Kendal is powerful and his strength rivals that of Regnier's.
  • Regnier: Regnier now has mutated and his apperance has changed. He is much bigger and stronger than his former self and his powers match that of his former self, however they are more devestating now. Regnier can now overpower ogres completely, he uses a massive sword.
  • Glen: Son of Gerald, Glen is quarter-elf so he lives longer than Humans, it is because of this that Humans have come to hate him because he outlives them. Glen joined the army where he could be at home and his skills appreciated.

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