Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Human Alliance (Elves)
Health Depends on Level
Level Levels with Character
Status Unknown
Location Bersia

Overview Edit

Kreia is an elf who came to Hironeiden to warn the humans of Encablossa's return to the realm of light. She is very knowledgeable of Nibel and Encablossa, which appears to be a rare trait at the time of Kingdom Under Fire II. She first meets Jager and the player at Aten Highway, saving them from Encablossans, and accompanies their army from then on.

  • Main Weapon: Staff
  • Main Skill: Magic

Personality Edit

Kreia is a very reserved person and is usually too focused on her mission to spend much time doing anything else. She is incredibly well versed in the history of the Age of Light, and is more than happy to share that information with others.

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