Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Lord of Light

Amos of Heavens

God (by the Eclessiarchy)

Gender Male
Race Deity
Faction Himself
Health None
Level None
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Nibel The Lord of Light also known as Amos of Heavens.

The BeginningEdit

Amos of Heavens and Tobied of Earth awakened by the death of the two Gods. The terrified children, born from the demise of the two Gods, swore before the Time never to invade each other’s territory. Under this ancient oath and ancient peace, the World was born.

The Pact is brokenEdit

Eons passed and the cycle continued but Nible couldn't support that his creatures were twisted and killed when the Age of Darkness began. After the end of the Age of Light, Nible did not pass the rule to Encablossa. Encablossa furious for his brother treachery amassed a large army and sent it to Bersia.

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