There are six volumes of the Book of Truth. Kendal has a quest to find three but he doesen't understand what he reads in it. Encablossa tells him it does not matter.

Each book contains truth about how certain things work. Encablossa could have wanted Kendal to see that if the age of darkness does not start everything will be destroyed as this is what Encablossa told Kendal however Kendal does not believe that, nor does he understand anything in the Book of truth. What Encablossa said could be a lie...or not.

In Curian's Campaign, the Book Curian reads in his dreams over the course of his campaign could well be the book of truth since Curian mentions that the book knows everything.

How To Get The BooksEdit

The books are in Arrogrance, you'll find one straight away after you recieve this quest, too find the other two you must get to the end of Arrogrance and fight Loki,then you should teleport back to arrogrance via an Idol sancturary then fight through Arrogrance again and you should then do it again and third time ,then again teleport back and search and you should find the last.

Important Note!Edit

Do not turn of your computer after you get out of arrogrance or you'll have to playthrough Arrogrance again then teleport back to find a book.