Vellond is a united kingdom of Dark Elves. However it is not ruled by Dark Elves as the kingdom was united and is ruled by Half-Vampires and Vampires. It is ruled by King Valdemar and his son Leinhart, Count of Arein. Vellond's capital is Arein, having conquered it 5 years before the Encablossa War then re-conquering it when Regnier appeared. Vellond also took over Hexter as a tributary nation and uses Hexter in much of the tasks/wars they undertake. Vellond is a tumoltous albeit powerful nation as the Dark Elves resent being ruled by what they see as 'inferior' Half-Vampires. Eventually this disgust lead to Kaedes, a Dark Elf Freedom force, attacking and due to the events of the Encablossa War destroying Vellond and killing King Valdemar. Now Vellond is under Dark Elf control, however Leinhart knows of this and seeks to gain his kingdom back in KUF II.


  • Humans (Leinhart states that humans in Vellond are "Lifeless" suggesting that they still live there, but are slaves)
  • Dark Elves (The main populace of Vellond, serving in the armies and other commoner work)
  • Vampires (The ruling species in Vellond, undertaking more important tasks and watching over the Dark Elves)
  • Orcs( Slaves or in the armies, used by Vellond because of Hexter's alliance to Vellond)
  • Ogres (Slaves or in the armies, same as above but higher in the casting than ordinary Orcs as they lead Orcs)