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Ellen fighting by the outer walls of Arein

The War for Arein Edit

Taking place 5 years before the Encablossan War, the War for Arein was fought by all forces on the Bersian Continent.

Originally Arein was ruled by elves and was an autonomous province under Hironeiden. Unknown to Hironeiden, Ecclesia wanted Arein to themselves and establish Ecclesian religion there.

Outside Arein, Hexter and Vellond troops siege the castle walls in an attempt to take the castle for Lord Waldermar. Hironeiden and Arein stood alone to defend its walls. Ecclesia, spots a chance to gain Arein support and sends troops under the command of Sir Justino and Captain Ellen.

During the siege Captain Gerald, his Lieutenant Rupert, and his troops were under heavy siege and surrounded by orcs and scorpions. Thus, the time became right to strike and Ecclessian Knights under Captain Ellen, charged onto the battlefield trapping the orcs and eventually killing them. They move on to wipe out more orcs and scorpions and reach the inner castle.

Near the castle they fight a massive army of Dark elves and two squads of wyverns. After killing the main force they are ambushed by remaining Dark archers and fighters. Ellen's archers kill off the archers with fire arrows and the surviving force dispatches the rest of the fighters off. They win the battle but at a heavy cost.

Ellen is tasked to find Lady Snowstone, Sir Lonefield's sister, near the Glaucus river. Ecclesia elects her as Arein's ruler.

Sometime between the crowning of Snowstone, and Ellen's enlistment in Hironeiden's army, Prince Leinhart had successfully captured Arein for his own.

The Hironeidenian Army under General Hugh and Captain Gerald retaliate and lead a large force in order to re-capture Arein. Once they reached Arein, a massive battle ensued. The walls were successfully breached but the Human Army was forced to retreat because of Leinhart and Morene's troops. However, Hironeiden still captured the castle because Leinhart was forced to give up his castle and help Regnier conquer Hexter.

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